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Membership Fee

Each child that takes classes at My Gym is required to have a membership. The membership cost is the same at all My Gym locations. It is a one-time only fee assessed when you enroll a child in classes for the first time. There are several options for you to choose from:

Family Membership $100 Covers all current and future children in a single family
Individual Membership $75 Covers a specific child; is not transferable
Sibling Membership $25 Covers each subsequent individual child; is not transferable

The benefits of membership, in addition to entitling your child to take classes at My Gym are:

  • Is honored at all My Gyms worldwide
  • Priority class enrollment
  • Qualifies your child for a special gift at the time of first enrollment
  • Discounts on events that are open to non-members

NOTE: Birthday parties, camp sessions, and some special events are open to non-member children.

Boy lying on donut My Gym Birthday Party

Class Tuition

My Gym classes are run on an enrollment basis where you pay tuition for a block of classes. To ensure that the appropriate number of trained staff is always available to run the fantastic My Gym class ingredients, we do not operate as a drop-in program.

My Gym allows you to set the start and stop date of your enrollment period, with certain restrictions. We require that you enroll your child for a minimum of eight consecutive classes, one per week, on a set day and time each week. The tuition for the initial four weeks must be paid prior to the start of classes. Discounts are available for multiple children and multiple classes.

Open Gym

Class tuition entitles you to bring a currently enrolled child free of charge to any of the Open Gym periods listed on the schedule page. Un-enrolled siblings are allowed to attend Open Gym for a small per-visit charge. Open Gym is a drop-in event; no need to call ahead. During Open Gym children have unstructured play time under the supervision of a parent or guardian who is responsible for the safety of their child and those around them. A My Gym staff member will be available to answer questions and to help monitor for safety, but will not be running class elements.

Electronic Payment Plan (EPP)

My Gym provides you with the flexibility to choose your start and stop dates rather than requiring you to adapt to a specific session with dates specified by us. To provide this flexibility to our customers, we operate an electronic payment plan that bills your credit card every four weeks for four classes at a time. The first automatic billing occurs after your child's fourth class, and every four weeks thereafter, until you notify us that you wish to cancel your enrollment. Each payment pays for four weeks in the future. We require a minimum of four (4) weeks notice to cancel your electronic payment. Once we have received a signed cancellation form from you, we immediately stop any future automatic charges and your child finishes the remaining classes. When you cancel the EPP plan, your child will have four paid classes remaining. In addition to the convenience of electronic payment, your child's spot in his or her class is guaranteed until you withdraw.

Please contact your preferred My Gym location for the cost of tuition at that location.




Girl climbing stall bars Girls climbing rock wall


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all children attending My Gym, we ask that parents and guardians adhere to these policies.

General Policies

  1. No sick children in the gym. If your child has an allergy that might be misinterpreted by fellow parents as a cold, please inform the My Gym staff.
  2. No shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Adults are required to wear socks.
  3. We recommend that children go barefoot while in the gym to avoid slipping on the climbing structures. Exceptions are granted for clean grip-sole or orthotic shoes, if required.
  4. No food or drink allowed on the carpeted gym floor area.
  5. Equipment is for children only; adult use may cause injury or damage.

Class Policies

  1. No siblings are allowed in the class area (gym floor) unless attending a Sibling Class.
  2. Make-ups:
    • One make-up is allowed per four weeks of enrollment.
    • Make-up must be completed within two weeks of the missed class.
    • Must be taken in an age appropriate class on a different day from the child's regular class. (Assumes one or more such classes are running. If none are running, no credits or refunds will be given.)
    • Make-up classes must be scheduled; please call ahead. Drop in make-ups will only be accommodated if a class is not full that day.
    • Make-ups that are scheduled, then missed without notification at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class, will be forfeited.
  3. No refunds for missed classes.
  4. Parent or guardian supervision is required for all children attending Open Gym.


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